Work with me

The only model that truly works for you, is the one you create yourself.

“Oh, right”, I can hear you now. But, I’m not creative. I can’t paint, write…etc. Try this on.

There has never been the same combination of DNA, cells, spirit, experiences as yours in the world…and never will be. Your one of a kind is undeniable and where there is unique, there is creative. No one else’s way, your way.

So give yourself permission to stop playing by someone else’s rules.

  • OF course you are tired of the same old tape looping in your head, saying the same old stuff.
  • The argument that keeps reinventing itself in your relationships.The repeating patterns at work.
  • You are ready for a breakthrough. Ready to burn down your conventional, in-the-box “reality”.


Start a revolutionary eyes wide open new way to be in your head, your life, your relationships. All built around what you truly want and who you truly are.

Make your own way.

And that burning down to make your own way? That’s what I call a “RADICAL SHIFT”.

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