The "inside out" of change

Events in the last two years of my life have challenged and shifted thoughts about myself that I came to believe were true. OK, so that is a nice way of saying, “Holy shit…it’s been a wild ride from shock to not yet awe!” Loss of what I thought was financial security through what I thought was a huge mistake adds up to a lesson my spiritual teacher imparts at each contact, with an Einstein quote backdrop: “We can’t solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them.” What is usually the problem, once we get “under” the circumstances? Erroneous thinking about who we really are. So, what does it take to machete through the jungle of shoulda coulda woulda’s that crowd out the still calm voice of truth?

That is the question of the century, maybe all centuries. What I know is that I have been challenged like this before in my life and it felt then like it does now, like I’m being turned inside out, to then go outside in. Some of the best gifts of my life came on the heels of that ride, machete and all.

Awaiting the awe and loving you all, Linda

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