Sustainable Change: Profile in courage

Last week, in my Coaching work, I was emphatically reminded of the courage sustainable change requires. During a group exercise, a well of not so hidden anger was tapped and the energy shifted dramatically. Coming from my background, it’s a sign of positive movement when people allow themselves to just say what’s really going on inside them, even if that is “negative”. I don’t know how we can change something we don’t know exists. But when the cards are laid out on the table more openly, it presents quite a challenge for anyone who believes themselves to be at all responsible for the “negative.”

Almost 50 years ago, in one of his infamous life lesson speeches, Jack Kennedy spoke about the Chinese symbol for crisis. He pointed out that the symbol was comprised of two characters; one representing danger and the other, opportunity. His point? What looks like crisis, upset and a way things are changing that we don’t want them too, is also an unprecedented opportunity for us to change. Change what? The only thing we have control over changing, ourselves. Our attitudes, our perceptions, our point of view, our “eyes”. And that, my friends, is a profile in courage.

So today, I salute any of you in the midst of that “crisis” and want to remind you that there are unimaginable gifts on the other side. Face one moment at a time and keep those you trust close.

Namaste, Linda

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