"Sustainable" Beginnings

      Last August my brilliant husband, Lance and I had our first conversation about creating a new website for “Options For Growth.” Over the next six months, we brainstormed ideas, outlined a structure, created & recreated the principal concepts, put text up, took text down, brainstormed again, etc. etc. Well, you get the picture. I began to think I should just change my middle name to Patience! But Lance and I know about the creative process and remember to trust, if not always like, a juxtaposition of direction and evolution for the best result. And today, time to celebrate the completed result!

   Of course, with the completion, comes new beginnings. New blogs, contacts, updates, additions..and hopefully  even work! Just focusing on them initiates another cascade of overwhelm before I’ve finished my celebratory glass of wine. And then I remind myself gently about “sustainable” beginnings. It’s the one beginning at a time approach. It’s remembering to meet each moment as a beginning by interrupting the automatic tendency to treat it like 257,849 other moments before. Or to look down the road at all the beginnings I think I see and focus on the one right here. Right now. At this moment, I’m writing my first blog for the launch of my first Options For Growth website that is, hopefully, reaching you…in more ways then one.

Thanks for listening!

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