Couples’ Weekend

radical-shift-couples-weekendWell, well, here you are…welcome!

I’m sure you’re wondering, maybe hoping, it could make a difference for your relationship. I hear you. (I’ve been there.) Truly.

What I’ve learned is that relationships are a combination of peak of peak moments and the lows of frustrating heartache. All in one box. And wow. That was unexpected… and frightening! In the frustrating moments, these questions & thoughts may sound familiar:

  • What’s happened to us? We use to be so close.
  • Why can’t we seem to get past the same old argument?
  • Each time I try to reach out, I feel shut out.
  • I don’t feel heard…appreciated…respected…acknowledged… (plug in your word) anymore.
  • I don’t feel like I can really talk to him/her.
  • So many “to do’s”, so little time to just be with each other.

Then doubt creeps in and off to the “I’ll fix it” races you go.

Starting with the latest Cosmo wisdom in “10 Best Ways To Bring The Sizzle Back”; to “new communication skills for all” seminars; to watching copious Oprah to finding a good  therapist. All bring something to the table.  But sometimes the big changes you crave seemed still seem out of reach.  Maybe, what’s called for, is a radical approach.

Could be that all this info, counsel, input was teaching you how to function better inside a certain paradigm. A certain way of thinking about relationships and the expected expectations of them. And maybe that model isn’t truly a fit for you and your relationship.

What would happen if you stood back, looked at it all from another angle, and got the opportunity to create something unique, just for your relationship?

Nobody else’s rules. Just yours. SHAKE IT UP.


This is foundation of Radical Shift. So, let’s look at what can happen when you “shake up” the system with new, sometimes upside down and sideways views of the same old same old:

  • AHA’s galore about stuck points and how to unstick them
  • Relief that connection is still there
  • Laughs about how comic it all is sometimes
  • Shock that you can create new ways of relating that didn’t seem possible
  • Radical ways to feed the connection
  • Getting the power you already have to change the relationship dynamics (PSST, probably not what you think!)

And that’s just Day 1!

In Day 2, we will take the most potent nuggets and:

  • Explore how they apply specifically to  your relationship
  • Move through powerful exercises that yield a deep and full understanding
  • Create tools that you can use anytime
  • Practice using these tools to experience their potency
  • Tweak anything that will ensure it’s the best fit for your relationship (after all, you are creating it!)
  • Create a camaraderie with other couples charting the same territory

So, you can opt for just Day 1, BUT I guarantee that signing up for both days will be the perfect one-two punch!

You up for it? Let’s get started then…

Register* for Sat. Only – $300

Register* for Sat. & Sun. – $600 $500

Think this might be for you, but still have some questions? Email or Call Linda 858-876-5190.

*The price includes:

  • A healthy lunch both days
  • An individualized “booklet” which will:
    • Outline the info given
    • Record the results of the exercises
    • A plan for utilizing to tools in your relationship


What other couples are saying about working with Linda…

My hubby and I credit Linda O’Keefe for carrying us into a strong partnership in our marriage. She has guided us both with loving attention and amazing insight. It has empowered us to make loving choices for ourselves and each other. Her unconditional acceptance made sharing easy, and her incisive mind made trust a natural outcome. My husband and I – while still struggling for sainthood  😉 – have discovered, with Linda’s help, how to completely love and accept ourselves, as is. What a gift that is! Thank you, Linda! – Kathe Schneider Gogolewski, San Diego, CA

My husband and I met with Linda whenever we felt like our connection had broken and we were both feeling isolated and fighting too much. She could quickly bring us back to the root of our feelings and help us understand where the other person was coming from. It is amazing how both of us could see a situation differently and Linda could hear both sides and make each of us feel valued and heard. After meeting with Linda, her lessons began to really sink in and we were able to move past fighting unfairly. We learned our trigger points and are now able to avoid them or at least understand them in one another. The shift in our relationship has been significant and we feel so lucky to have found Linda. – Rose, San Diego, CA